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He held her there for a while waiting until her throat would close on his spongy, throbbing prick as it tried to gasp for breath. Suddenly she felt his nuts start to clench and his beating gained more ferocity . She started to see stars, was she going to black out? She felt so dizzy and tired but the poor girl held on.
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. His hand slid from my waist to my pussy. And since Kevin's tongue seemed nearly as long as his cock, I never denied him a dining experience

"Hey, I only fucked Jerry's mother once!" Kevin yelled.
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“Watching the two of you got me really horny!” “I want some more, too!” said Susie. Instinctively, she began to suck on it as he fed her a little more of it

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if that guy would STFU. What do camera guys insist on talking? NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU, GTFO. @Asuka Saito